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    For Your Retirement Phase

    Learn how to reduce risk while generating predictable income, moderate growth, and preservation of principal... all at the same time!
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Why Coast Wealth?

We believe that the traditional methods of managing portfolios in retirement often fall short of addressing the complex and varied needs of today's retirees.

We believe that too much risk is being taken because of outdated or ignored strategies.

Our Portfolios

The Coast Lifetime Income Portfolio
is our flagship portfolio concept.

It represents a customizable retirement income planning strategy, providing stable income and growth.



We get to know you and what your unique needs and challenges are in your planning. This initial meeting can be on the phone, zoom call, or in person depending on location and availability.


We create a plan to redesign your portfolio that is more in tune with the retirement season of life. Too many portfolios are stuck in your previous life. There's still no obligation at this point.


We help you pick the right plans and products from the right companies for your plan. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure this transition is smooth for you.


If you are coming up on retirement or already retired, Coast Wealth is here to help you with your retirement income needs.


If you've left your employer, there are more reasons to do a rollover than to keep it here. If you have a business want to offer 401k's to your employees, we can help with that too.


Coast Wealth has strategic partnerships to offer you a full range of insurance; Medicare, Life Insurance, Medical, Dental, Long Term Care, & More.


Retirement is a long road but it does need to begin. If you are younger and looking to get started with your investment/retirement journey, we will build a sound plan for you.

What we do

We're here to help you at every turn of your financial planning. Whether you are starting out or retired, we have all the tools needed.


The Color of Money Risk Analysis is a dynamic questionnaire that consists of 11 questions about your financial life. In just a few minutes, the analysis delivers a risk score and brief explanation of your risk profile. Armed with your score, the next step is to determine if your current assets are properly aligned with your risk tolerance.

Proudly Partnered With

We are proudly partnered with Success Wealth and Charles Schwab for your investment needs. For insurance, we utilize Charter Financial Group, powered through American Senior Benefits.


Working with us is easy. We make sure you understand what you have, the risk you're taking, and what your options are.

There's never no obligation or cost to meet or talk with us. We can chat on the phone/zoom for an initial review, come to your home, or you can visit our Myrtle Beach office.